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Empowering language networks
Tools for mediating ECML resources

The LACS (Language associations and collaborative support) network mediates between ECML projects and language teacher associations and other networks at regional and national levels. Its purpose is to raise awareness of existing ECML projects and resources, and to motivate teachers and others involved in language education to adapt these to their local environment, in order to facilitate widespread impact on learning and teaching.


Online directory of language associations/organisations

This fully searchable directory helps facilitate collaboration between professionals from different language teacher associations and other language organisations as well as across different languages, regions and countries. Below are some examples of how it can be used:

  • associations and organisations wishing to find partners for events, competitions etc, to publicise their activities, to campaign for languages or to seek sponsorship
  • project teams needing to carry out a needs analysis in relation to their project focus, to try to involve a wider range of organisations
  • language organisations wishing to disseminate an activity, targeting particular countries, regions, types of association etc.
  • individual teachers or schools wishing to establish contacts in other countries

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Guidelines and practical examples - using ECML resources in different contexts

These guidelines and examples repackage ECML resources and case studies from a wide range of ECML projects. Users will...

  • discover how to use ECML resources to address their own needs
  • see what can be learnt from the way different ECML resources are adapted and implemented in different contexts and at different stages
  • get ideas for new initiatives at local or national levels
  • benefit from frequently asked questions which will help them to identify ECML resources that offer insights into their own particular circumstances

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An excellent opportunity to meet representatives of language teacher associations across Europe; to share experiences and learn from the good practice of other associations and the challenges they face.
Sylvia Velikova - LACS workshop participant, Bulgaria

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These pages result from a project run within the ECML's Learning through languages programme entitled "Empowering language networks" (LACS).
Find out more about the project here.