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Coordinator: Terry Lamb

Terry Lamp
Surname                                      Lamb

First name                                   Terry

Address for correspondence         E-mail

Nationality                                    British
Affiliation with educational networks/associations
FIPLV (President)
CILT, The National Centre for Languages (Governor)
Association for Language Learning (former President)
Association internationale pour la linguistique appliquée (AILA) Convenor Research Network on Learner Autonomy in Language Learning
Universities Council for Modern Languages (Member, Executive Committee)
Universities Council for the Education of Teachers (Member, Secondary Committee)
Committee for Linguistics in Education (Committee member)
British Educational Research Association (Member)
British Association for Applied Linguistics (Member)
National Association for Language Development in the Curriculum (Member)
IATEFL (Member)
Multilingual City Forum, Sheffield (Member)
Work information

Occupation or position currently held


Senior Lecturer in Education, Director of Teaching and Learning (Department of Educational Studies), Director of Initial Teacher Education and Director, MA in Applied Professional Studies in Education

Main activities and responsibilities










Director, Initial Teacher Education (2005-today)
Director, MA in Applied Professional Studies in Education (2006-today)
Languages PGCE tutor (previously coordinator)
PGCE Admissions Coordinator
PGCE Marketing and Publicity Coordinator
Chair, PGCE Quality Assurance Working Group
Chair, PGCE Research Working Group
Coordinator, MA Educational Policy and Practice (Module 1: Global Issues) (until August 2005)
Member, School of Education Research Committee
Member, School of Education Learning and Teaching Committee
Member, School of Education Strategic Planning Group (2006-today)
Member, School of Education Ethics Panel
Member, School of Education ICT Policy Group
Member, School of Education E-learning Working Group
School of Education Countersignatory, Criminal Records Bureau
School of Education Disability Liaison Officer
Collaboration with SEAS on the development of the Confucius Institute
PhD/EdD supervisor

Name of employer

University of Sheffield

Country of employment


United Kingdom
Education and training
Relevant qualifications or training
BSc (Hons) in Modern Languages (German/French) (Aston University, 1978)
Post-Graduate Certificate in Education (Languages) (University of Durham, 1979)
MA in Urban Education and Comparative Education (King's College, University of London, 1984)
PhD (Thesis: Listening to our learners’ voices: pupils constructions of language learning in an urban school) (University of Nottingham, 2005)
Languages of communication
Mother tongue

Other languages of communication
German, French, Spanish, Turkish
Project experience
Research Director (2003-05), Rethinking pedagogical models for e-learning in Higher Education, national research project for the Higher Education Academy Subject Centre for Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies (in collaboration with the Modern Languages Teaching Centre, University of Sheffield); project report available from the Subject Centre and reported at a number of national and international conferences
EUROPAL, A European Pedagogy for Autonomous Learning: Socrates Programme of the European Commission (2004-) (//www.euro-pal.net/); co-authored book, 2 co-edited books, DVD-Rom, conference presentations and articles
Research Director, Innovation Exchange Project, national research project funded by the Innovation Unit, Department for Education and Skills (in collaboration with the Association for Language Learning) (see //www.in-ex.net/strand1.htm)
Expertise in the topic of the project
Practice in the field







 Other relevant experience





Long history of work with teachers and policy development dating back to the 1980s, as a languages teacher in secondary schools, a head of department, and as an academic; particular interests in linguistic diversity, language policy, language awareness, teacher development, learner autonomy; development of a Masters course in Urban Education at the University of Nottingham and convenor of a Masters module at the University of Sheffield on global issues in education; developed and director of an MA in Applied Professional Studies in Education with a focus on subject pedagogic knowledge and classroom-based enquiry; former member of the National Languages Steering Group which devised the National Languages Strategy; still working closely with the Ministry on policy development, in particular regarding the needs of bi- and plurilingual pupils; involved in developing the
Sheffield Languages Strategy (building on multilingualism in the city). Experience with strategy development and management also within the School of Education as member of Senior Management Group.

Experience of many years in professional networks on local, national, European and international levels.
Consultancy (as International Expert), Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, Czech Republic (2002-2003): Multi-cultural Education Reform Czech Republic (with special reference to the Roma population and the Primary curriculum): consultancy aimed at preparation for accession to EU.
Consultancy, Ministry of Education in Malaysia, on learning to learn (late 1990s)

Lamb, T.E. and Simpson, M. (2003) ‘Escaping from the treadmill: practitioner research and professional autonomy’, in Language Learning Journal, no 28, Winter 2003: 55-63
Lamb, T.E. and Little, S. (2006) ‘Identitätsbildung im Fremdsprachenunterricht’, in Jung, U. (ed) (2006) Praktische Handreichung für Fremdsprachenlehrer. Frankfurt-am-Main: Peter Lang: 381-385
Lamb, T.E. and Reinders, H. (eds.) (2006) Supporting independent learning: issues and interventions. Frankfurt-am-Main: Peter Lang
Lamb, T.E. (2007) ‘Reconceptualising intercultural education: a model from languages education’, in Rumpite, D., Mäkinen, K. and Siek-Piskozub, T. (eds) Innovations in Language Teaching and Learning in the Multicultural Context. Research Papers from the International Nordic-Baltic Conference of the World Federation of Language Teacher Associations, held in Riga, Latvia, June 15-16
Jiménez Raya, M., Lamb, T.E. and Vieira, F. (2007) Pedagogy for autonomy in language education in Europe: towards a framework for learner and teacher development. Dublin: Authentik


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